37 reviews for Grapefruit Kush (Hybrid) Packwoods disposable

  1. Luther (verified owner)

    Bought a new vape and was very pleased with it and the service given. Next day delivery too 👍

  2. Otto (verified owner)

    Great item! It provides too many things compared to its price charged.

  3. Anais (verified owner)

    Very happy.😊

  4. Monique (verified owner)

    Great thank you, long time user of the service A*

  5. Tressie (verified owner)

    Customer service outstanding – orders always arrive very quickly and totally reliable.

  6. Jimmy (verified owner)

    Amazing service, as my parcel got stolen and you replaced it straight away!

  7. Grady (verified owner)

    Fabulous service from start to finish! Will definitely use again

  8. Mona (verified owner)

    Excellent service and fast delivery!!!

  9. Alicia (verified owner)

    Massive choice,informative and brilliant delivery service

  10. Ed (verified owner)

    Ordering was a piece of cake 🍰

  11. Arvilla (verified owner)

    Perfect from start to finish, quick delivery highly recommend.

  12. Candida (verified owner)

    Excellent service and fast delivery as always

  13. Brielle (verified owner)

    Very helpful and satisfactory outcome

  14. Cynthia (verified owner)

    Fast delivery very pleased with my purchase

  15. Marcia (verified owner)

    Fast delivery of the correct products that i ordered

  16. Lorena (verified owner)

    Delivery was fantastic and exactly what I ordered

  17. Danika (verified owner)

    I had an issue with my order not being delivered the next day but it was my fault as I ordered after 7pm on a Sunday. Order was delivered by 10am on Tuesday. Packwoods Official phoned me just after the delivery to explain the delay (nice customer service too) which was my fault.

  18. Virginia (verified owner)

    Service is always very prompt and they deliver when they say they will, as well as keeping you informed. The items were great

  19. Mason (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and always have my vapes in stock 😊

  20. Bryon (verified owner)

    Couldn’t more satisfied!

  21. Hadley (verified owner)

    Good varied stock

  22. Gerald (verified owner)

    This is my first time using vapes. There was all the information that I needed to make a decision on the best way to start vaping.

  23. Sylvan (verified owner)

    Next day delivery. Packaged so it fits through the letter box. Fab service.

  24. Karianne (verified owner)

    First time using the Packwoods Official and was initially a bit skeptical but ended up being pleasantly surprised! Delivery was really fast, the price was great, age authentication was simple and it was just an overall good experience. Will be back for sure!

  25. Mason (verified owner)

    Great products and great service team, something was missed off my order and they rectified this free of charge and very quickly.

  26. Santiago (verified owner)

    Fab service – dead easy to order and delivered within days

  27. Alfreda (verified owner)

    Will definitely be using Packwoods Official’s store in future.

  28. Eli (verified owner)

    Great product and fast delivery

  29. Rudy (verified owner)

    Very helpful and satisfactory outcome

  30. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, very quick to resolve any problems, and always get my orders very quickly

  31. Euna (verified owner)

    However, customer service did eventually sort out my issue and eventually get back to me and refunded a missing item. I would say it wasn’t worth purchasing the express shipping.

  32. Sanford (verified owner)

    Fast delivery very pleased with my purchase

  33. Sid (verified owner)

    10/10 👍💥

  34. Amber (verified owner)

    Pleased with product and delivery.

  35. Bailey (verified owner)

    Excellent service delivered by a polite and respectable courier

  36. Aiyana (verified owner)

    Received the coils the day after ordering them. Excellent service!!!

  37. Ressie (verified owner)

    Only used the kit for a couple of weeks, but seems good at he moment, nit too many issues, those I have are only small issues with leakage.

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